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Bespoke Cocktail Barrel

Bespoke Cocktail Barrel

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Do you have a much-loved cocktail that brings back amazing memories? At Liquid Gold you can now have you favourite cocktail made and placed into one of our virgin American oak barrels. 

This bespoke cocktail barrel would make an amazing gift and we can add a personalised plaque with your own message onto each barrel.

Once ordered you will get an appointment with our award winning mixologist who will then work with you to produce your very own cocktail.  After your appointment your cocktail will be specially prepared and ready to collect in 48 hours.

This barrel can hold 1 litre of a bespoke fresh batch of your chosen cocktail, perfect for parties, birthdays or any other special occasion.

You can enjoy a totally new twist on a classic or a totally new libation created and personalised out of over 30 different homemade bitters with unique and fresh ingredients, the combinations are endless.

Your bespoke batch can be kept in the barrel for 3 years and will improve in flavour every week due the virgin oak barrel.

Examples of previously made bespoke recipes that totally overjoyed our clients:

  • Brownies and barbecue Old fashioned
  • Darjeeling Negroni
  • Cherry and oak and smoke Old fashioned
  • Orange blossom and honeycomb Olds fashioned
  • Dark Walnut and Aztec chocolate Manhattan
  • Earl grey barrel aged whisky sour

After ordering you will be contacted by a member of our staff who will make an appointment with you to create your personalised cocktail and message, once finalised your barrel will be ready for collection after 4 days.