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Tinto Gin

Tinto Gin

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Tinto comes from Valença, Portugal where it's triple distilled using rye and barley spirit, juniper and orange and lemon peels before blending with local herbs and fruits that have been slowly macerated. These include dill, laurel, catnip (not a bad shout to keep this well away from your feline friends - and frankly, it's probably smart to keep all Gins out of reach of cats), the bark of white willow, elderberry, herb-robert, lemon balm, eucalyptus leaf, rosemary, lavender, wild celery, blackberries and perico.

Another original gin from the Iberian peninsular, this time herbaceous and fruity with notes of mint, juniper, fragrant flora and forest floor and the sweet and sour tang of acidic pear and ripe berries