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Virtual Glenmorangie Tasting - Friday 15th January 2021 7pm.

Virtual Glenmorangie Tasting - Friday 15th January 2021 7pm.

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Hosted by Oliver Smith From LVMH, we will be tasting a number of Glenmorangie on the night and also be looking at the Glenmorangie Rare Cask Programme and how people are able to buy these bottles.  Currently these bottles are not released for general sale but sold to private clients.  Members of Liquid Gold will have the ability to buy these bottles in the future as part of their membership. The Rare bottles will not be tasted on the night.  This virtual tasting is free for all members. Please call the club directly to book your space or email, 01372 277 713. Non members are charged the standard £40.


In 1843, William Matheson founded the Glenmorangie Distillery in the Scottish Highlands. Inspired by the Distillery’s peaceful surroundings on the banks of the Dornoch Firth, he brought forth a pioneering single malt whisky wonderfully complex and exceptionally smooth. Ever since, we have pursued our craft with uncompromising dedication – endlessly creative in our quest for perfection. To this day, we honour the Distillery’s provenance in our award-winning single malt. Its pure, smooth spirit is distilled in Scotland’s tallest stills, matured in the finest casks and perfected by The Men of Tain. And, in the hands of these select craftsmen, the guardians of our spirit, Glenmorangie will surely delight malt whisky lovers for generations to come.